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Workplace Wellness

DOT Physicals: Requirements have changed and additional documentation is required for your medical examiner to complete your DOT physical.

To help us complete your DOT physical in a timely manner, please bring with you to your visit the following:

  1.  All medications you are currently taking.
  2. Eye glasses if you require correction to your vision.
  3. Hearing aids if you wear them.
  4. Medical records for any medical conditions you are being treated for (if we are not your PCP).

Please call our office for assistance or questions about the items and documents you will need to bring. We will be able to certify you more easily if you bring your test results and letters from your treating physician. If you do not have the required items and documents at your physical, we will not be able to certify you, and you will need to come back at a later time with the required items. Most chronic health conditions, including high blood pressure, will only allow us to certify you for one year or less. If you have a history of high blood pressure, take blood pressure medication, or have a blood pressure of 140/90 or higher at the time of your visit, you will not be given a 2 year certificate.

At Kirby, we follow the Department of Transportation guidelines in the Medical Examiner's handbook to determine if you meet the guidelines for CDL medical clearance and the length of time you may be certified. It is YOUR responsibility to report to your employer and your examiner if a serious illness, injury, or surgery occurs during the time you are certified. For these instances, you should have medical clearance before returning to work.

If you fail to pass your exam due to misrepresentation or a disqualifying medical condition, you will still be responsible for paying for your DOT physical.

For DOT forms and more information please click here »