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Diagnostic Imaging

Obtaining a Clear Picture of Your Health

Kirby Medical Center provides comprehensive and advanced diagnostic imaging services to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of a range of medical conditions. Imaging services are performed under the supervision of experienced radiologists using the most up-to-date equipment and technology. Going far beyond typical X-Rays, our comprehensive diagnostic imaging services include:

Staff members perform radiology services under the supervision of a radiologist who also reads and interprets the findings.

General Radiology

At Kirby Medical Center, we offer digital X-rays 24/7. All staff technologists are registered (ARRT) and licensed (IEMA) to perform radiological exams. A radiologist will review the images taken and provide a detailed report to your ordering provider.


Kirby Medical Center is happy to bring the latest diagnostic imaging services for MRI and PET/CT close to home. We provide high definition MRI. This is a powerful diagnostic tool that uses no radiation. Instead, MRI uses a large magnet to obtain detailed scans of anatomy and soft tissue detail.

PET/CT helps a physician diagnose and manage your care. The highly sensitive PET scan detects changes in cellular function, like how your cells are utilizing nutrients like sugar and oxygen. The CT, or Computed Tomography, scan provides a detailed picture of your internal anatomy. The combined images of the PET/CT provide complete information enabling your physician to make an earlier diagnosis.

CT Scanning

CT Scanning, sometimes called CAT scanning, is a medical test to helps physicians diagnose and treat medical conditions. Computed Tomography with a 64-Slice Unit (CT) provides greater clarity and detail of internal organs, bone, soft tissue and blood vessels than regular X-ray exams. With a CT scan, radiologists can more easily diagnose cancers, cardiovascular disease, infectious disease, trauma and musculoskeletal disorders.

CT scanning is available 24 hours a day. (After hours and weekends, CT scanning is available through the Emergency Department.)

Bone Densitometry

Physicians use Kirby Medical Center Diagnostic Imaging technology to better measure bone density or bone loss. A quick and painless bone mineral density test can provide a snapshot of bone health and is an essential service for those at risk of developing osteoporosis. The test can identify osteoporosis and measure a patient’s response to osteoporosis treatment. Bone density is measured at the hip, spine and possibly wrist.

Visit the Kirby Bone Health page for more information. Take the Osteoporosis Risk Questionnaire to estimate your risk of developing osteoporosis.

Digital and 3D Mammography

Digital and 3D mammography services are performed in our Women’s Imaging Suite, which provides a comfortable and private environment for these life-saving screenings. 3D Mammography is an advanced diagnostic tool that delivers more precise imaging, resulting in earlier and better detection, fewer callbacks and reduced rates of false-positive readings compared to traditional mammography.

Vascular Ultrasound

A vascular ultrasound is focused on blood circulation.Examinations include:

  •  Echocardiography –evaluates the heart, its valves and the pericardium
  • Arterial Doppler and Duplexevaluates arterial blockages in the arms and legs 
  • Venous Duplex – evaluates the venous structures for blood flow
  • Aorta – evaluates the main blood vessel leading away from the heart
  • Carotid – evaluates blood flow through the carotid arteries located on each side of the neck
  • Renal Artery – evaluates the arteries that provide blood flow to the kidney

General Ultrasound

Ultrasound uses high frequency sound waves to more closely examine certain areas of the body. No radiation is emitted during an ultrasound. Examinations include:

  • Pelvic – evaluates potential abnormalities in the uterus and ovaries
  • Abdomen – evaluates the organs located within the upper abdomen
  • Renal – evaluates the kidneys and bladder
  • Small Parts – evaluates the thyroid, scrotum, testes and superficial sites

For more information on Kirby Medical Center Diagnostic Imaging, contact your primary care physician, or call (217) 762-1820.

Click Here to view Kirby's Imaging brochure.