Building Better Healthcare

Our goal at Kirby Medical Center is to provide you and your family with outstanding care.

We're continuing this commitment with an expansion project to help us serve the growing healthcare needs in our community.

This is a large-scale project, divided into three stages and strategically planned to avoid disruption to our patients and services.

Phase 1 to be completed by April 30. Read more here.

During the expansion, we remain focused on important priorities, including attracting top medical talent and promoting healthy living in the community.

Expansion By The Numbers

  • Roughly 16,500 square feet of new space will be added to the hospital building, with another 14,600 square feet of existing space within the building.
  • 17 months is the expected timeframe for completion
  • With the growth of our providers since our move in 2011, and the addition of Dr. Evelyn Huang in September, the Kirby Medical Group will get 9 additional exam rooms, expanded oncology and special procedure space, and a renovated waiting room and registration area.

Expansion by Departments

  • Four new pre-operative rooms will be added to the Surgery department
  • New Outreach Conference Room.
  • Materials Management will be expanded.
  • Our Therapy Department will be relocated with easy access from the parking lot.
  • The Laboratory Department will be relocated next to Kirby Medical Group with much more space for growth.
  • The Imaging Department will expand for future technology and have access to the vacated Laboratory space for growth.
  • Training and Education space for employees will be added.

CLICK HERE to see what CEO Steve Tenhouse says about our expansion plans.

Expansion Plan Details