Thermometer Vs. Thermostat

“Health” is defined as a persons physical or mental condition. Often times we focus solely on our physical condition – what to eat, when to eat it, exercise and how much, etc… Today, we are going to focus on mental health and toughness in a simple thought.

There are a lot of things that can go wrong, in fact, it’s inevitable that at some point in life something will not go your way. You’re going to be faced with adversity and you’re going to experience hardship. How do you deal with situations like this? What is your attitude like?

There are 2 types of attitudes I want us to consider today – the “Thermometer” attitude and the “Thermostat” attitude.


Those with a thermometer attitude are controlled by the outside. Their attitudes are positive or negative based on the situation that they are in or the ones that are presented to them. Having a rough day at work with assignments, coworkers, or people you’re coming in contact with? A thermometer attitude allows you to be affected by your surroundings. If you have an interaction with someone negative, BOOM – you’re now in a bad mood. If you run into a task someone else is struggling with, BOOM – now you’re frustrated too. This is a cyclical way of living and the back and forth battle in your own head gets the best of you.

There is hope…

Those with a thermostat attitude set the tone regardless of the situation or how others around them react. They are optimistic about situations, tasks, and interactions. They are the able to change the temperature based on how they handle or react to a situation – i.e. a positive attitude. If the temperature rises above the goal, the thermostat signals the air conditioner to crank up and cool the room down. If the temperature falls below the goal, the thermostat causes the heater to turn on in order to warm the room up. The thermostat is always monitoring the environment, and if the temperature gets too hot or cold, it decides what to do to correct the situation.

Choose to be the thermostat today. Be mentally tough and choose your attitude so that it doesn’t choose you. You can do it.

Here’s to your good health,