5 Tips to Spring Back into Fitness

Those blustery winter days have gone away, and the sunshine is here to stay!

When spring blooms, it could feel like a challenge to stay in shape, despite the change in temperature — especially if you're used to staying in, binging your favorite show on the couch.

If you're looking for some ways to break out of that winter shell and stay active, here are a few small steps to take in the right, healthy direction.

1. Take a Twenty Minute Walk Around Your Neighborhood Each Day

This is one of the most convenient ways to start a consistent exercise routine this spring. Take an energetic walk each morning or evening. Enjoy the fresh air and admire the trees and flowers blooming all around you. If you like to chat while walking, ask a neighbor, friend or family member to join you.

2. Put a Pitcher of Fresh Water in Your Refrigerator Every Day.

We are all supposed to get at least eight glasses of water per day. So, why not fill a pitcher with two liters of water each day and keep it cool in the fridge? As the level of the pitcher goes down through the day, you know how much water you’re taking in.

In fact, staying hydrated is one of the best “habits” you can form. Not only does it help refuel our bodies and boost energy, but it also aids in digestion. However, if you’re not a fan of regular water, there is a solution: you can add some flavor! Drop a thin lemon or lime wedge (or another fruit of your choosing) into each glass for taste.

3. Try a New Exercise Class.

Exercising with others, who share the same goals, can make a routine even more fun. Consider trying an exercise you’ve never tried before. At Kirby Medical Center, we have several classes to choose from such as KMC 30, Endurance, Yoga or CrossFit KMC. You can try a class before making your final decision. Not surprisingly, you’re more likely to stick with a class you enjoy.

4. Add a Fruit and Vegetable to Each Meal.

Let’s face it: it can seem like a challenge to incorporate some healthy eats into your diet — but it’s actually quite simple. In fact, adding a fruit and vegetable to each meal is especially easy when so many fruits and veggies are coming into season this time of year.

5. Make it a Point to Visit our Kirby Wellness Trail.

The first phase of our Wellness Trail opened in October 2015 and has come so far since then! With a goal to encourage physical exercise and enhance our wellness programs, we’re proud to see therapy patients as well as members of our local community enjoy the Trail each day. Make it a point to move your workout outside, visit the Trail yourself and take a walk, go for a run, or ride your bike!

At Kirby Medical Center, we’re dedicated to your whole health! That’s why we offer wellness services as part of our preventative healthcare program. From weight loss support to exercise classes, we can help you live a healthier lifestyle.