Kirby Medical Center CEO Tenhouse Named Fire Starter Class of 2019

Kirby Medical Center CEO Steve Tenhouse was presented with one of the most prestigious honors in the healthcare industry: induction into the Fire Starter Hall of Fame.

Steve received the recognition from Huron/Studer Group at the What’s Right in Healthcare Conference, August 12-15 in Dallas, Texas.

“Our 2019 Hall of Fame inductees are helping to improve and transform the future of healthcare,” Studer Group President Debbie Ritchie said. “They are passionate, forward thinkers who refuse to let the challenges and disruption in healthcare hinder progress and positive momentum. We are thrilled to work alongside and honor them for the difference they are making.”

The Fire Starter Hall of Fame Award recognizes leaders who work daily to identify innovative solutions to healthcare challenges and who are committed to excellence while keeping the true spirit and culture of their organization alive and flourishing. Since its inception in 2004, Studer Group has inducted 60 healthcare leaders into the Fire Starter Hall of Fame, the highest award for excellence given by Studer Group.

The term “fire starter” has deep roots in the company’s mission to make healthcare better for physicians, employees, and patients. A “fire starter” is defined as an individual who ignites the flames of passion for healthcare excellence.