Get to know some familar faces from the Surgery Department!

Get to know a few of our Surgery Department Employees! Their typical work days include setting up for cases, seeing the patients pre-operation, preparing charts, administering anesthesia, checking on patients in post-operation, and calling pre-operation patients for upcoming surgeries.

Get to Know Rachel Schrage, Surgical Technologist

"I chose to follow in my grandmothers footsteps when I decided to work in health care. I have always enjoyed helping people. From working at Kirby, I have gained more friends and family. Some of my work days consist of setting up, preparing, and ordering supplies. Outside of work, I enjoy baking, knitting, and gardening. I also enjoy spending time with my family. I would describe myself as friendly, motivated, easy going, and helpful!"

Get to Know Brenda Saubert, Surgery RN

"The best thing about my job as a Surgery RN is the flexibility of our schedule. Kirby is a great family-oriented facility. My passion outside of work is scuba diving! If i had an extra hour of my day, I would spend it scuba diving! I also read and walk in my spare time. The best moment of my career so far was saving a patients life in the Emergency Room. I am looking forward to my daughter getting married in 2019!"

Get to Know Margie Gehres, Surgery RN

"I have a strong desire to help others. I consider service to be my highest spiritual gift which is why I chose to work in health care. I enjoy the variety and the schedule that my job provides me. I also like to do what I can to help decrease patient/family anxiety during a special time. My favorite part about Kirby is the "Family Feel" it gives its employees. My first RN role was as impatient oncology. I think of various patients and families who showed amazing strength and courage that taught me so much about life. In 2019, I look forward to my oldest daughter graduating and starting graduate school for her Doctorate of Physical Therapy."