Shining Brighter Together

When it comes to communities, Kirby Medical Center cares for all, and the benefits of the local hospital extend far beyond its walls. Since the Wellness Trail opened in 2015, it has provided a space for therapy patients, fitness enthusiasts like our regular CrossFit members, hospital staff and community members to seek out physical activity in whichever way they best enjoy.

We’re proud to provide a space for the community to safely exercise, part of a well-rounded healthy lifestyle. But we understand everyone has different schedules, and not everyone can get out and about during the day.

The Kirby Foundation wants to help y installing solar lights along the Trial. Our goal is to install eight lights by the end of 2019, to provide illumination to our evening CrossFit classes as well as our hospital staff who work evening and early morning shifts.

Thanks to you, we’re already on our way. Two of the eight solar lights have been funded and installed- putting us 25 percent closer to our goal! Lights will continue to be installed as contributions are received totaling $1,000.

The Kirby Foundation supports the community, and we are asking for your support in funding the last six lights. Together, let’s light the way for current and future Piatt County residents and Kirby Medical Center staff and patients to fully enjoy our Wellness Trail.