Stan Ellis's Experience with KMC

On December 13th, Stan Ellis visited our Surgery team for a knee replacement with Dr. Sullivan. He has used almost all of Kirby’s services including the newest addition of Kirby Rx.

Stan is a Monticello resident and has been for many years. He enjoys the community for many reasons. The excellent school systems, churches, great restaurants, and unique town spots are just a few of those reasons. He is very appreciative of the senior systems that our community provides such as Piattran, Meals on Wheels, and more. One of his favorite locations is Monticello Railway Museum! He has a wonderful family that includes 2 children; Casey (38) and Jason (47).

Stan enjoys anything mechanical. He has grown up in a "mechanical" family and is an avid motorcyclist. He loves to travel on his motorcycle. His goal is to visit all 48 states - he only has 13 left!

Not only did Stan have a great experience with Dr. Sullivan, but he also has many great things to say about his primary care physician, Dr. Manint, located at Kirby Medical Group in Monticello. He has been with Dr. Manint for many, many years. "Dr. Manint is straight forward with me, and he does an awesome job as my primary care doctor."

During his post-op experience, he spent time with our new Orthopedic Program Manager, Jennifer Mahannah. "She was awesome."

After his knee replacement, Stan had to spend some time with our Therapy team for recovery. He spent about 3 weeks doing rehab with Joan, a physical therapy assistant, and Miriam, a physical therapist, at Kirby Medical Center. "My experience with Kirby Therapy was absolutely stellar. Kudos to them. They were extremely thorough with their explanations, helpful, and motivating."

From the moment Stan walked into Kirby and was greeted by Sheila at the Welcome Desk, to the moment he left, his experience was one to remember. To Stan, going to Kirby for his healthcare needs is very important to him. He is grateful to know more than half of the employees, and they are all great!

“The entire Surgery staff was professional and kept me up to speed. To Surgery & Therapy, my sincere thanks for making the experience a successful one. I chose Kirby Medical Center for location convenience. Needing a knee replacement, my primary care physician recommended a surgeon for the task. Taking his good advice, we proceeded with Dr. Sullivan. Now 6 weeks afterwards, I'm pleased to say the entire staff was professional and great. I truly appreciate the care, advice, and compassion the employees at Kirby extended to me."- Stan Ellis