Get to know Paula Heath, Kirby Auxiliary Member

Learn a little bit about Paula Heath, Kirby Auxiliary Member!

Paula Heath lives in Monticello, IL. In her spare time, she enjoys playing Bridge! Paula has 5 children who she loves to spend time with when she can.

  • Pam currently works in Pediatric ER in Brooklyn, New York. During Covid, she was transfered to regular ER where she worked front line of COVID-19.
  • Her son, John, works in level 1 trauma in Denver, Colorado.
  • Her daughter, Jan, works in the Lab at a hospital in Chattanooga, Tennessee.
  • Her other son, Tom, travels for his job.
  • Her daughter, Leslie, works for the City of Champaign.

Her son, John, is a Thomas Dixon Scholarship recipient for 2 years!

Paula joined the Kirby Auxiliary in the early 80s. She moved through the chairs pretty quickly. "I learned a lot from the other members at the time. They shared great knowledge with me." One of Paula's hobbies awhile back was golf. One of the ladies asked her to become a member of the Kirby Auxiliary and she thought it was pretty awesome. Her favorite part about being a member of the Kirby Auxiliary is the people she gets to interact with every day.

"My favorite event/activity to be a part of in the Auxiliary has been running the front desk at Kirby Medical Center and directing people where they need to go. I also served on the first O'Night Divine committee back in 2018. That event was fun to be a part of."

Her favorite memory over the years was going with a small group of ladies to Chicago, IL when Carol was installed as State President. Back then, the Auxiliary didn't have trips like they do now. They were smaller groups, around 4-5 regions in Illinois!

Kirby Medical Center is thankful for all of the dedication and time Paula has spent with our Kirby Auxiliary. She has served as Secretary, Vice President, President, and Director of Volunteers. Her husband also joined and served as Treasurer and she helped with the reports.

"Monticello is so lucky to have KMC. Even though we are small, it's amazing what we are able to do for the people in the community."