Get to Know Veronica Seevers, Kirby Auxiliary Member

Learn a little bit about Veronica Seevers, Kirby Foundation and Auxiliary Member.

Veronica Seevers lives in Cisco, IL with her husband Jon. They have been married for 38 years now and have 2 married daughters- Emilee & Kirk Adkisson and Rebekah & Cecil Brimmage. She is expecting her first grandchild this coming December!

She is not only involved in our Kirby Auxiliary as a Board Member but also with Cisco United Methodist Women (Secretary), Cisco Area Economic Development (Treasurer), Land Improvement Contractors of America (Ladies President), and Kirby Foundation (Board Member). She also works part-time in a family business! She has served as Secretary, Vice President and President of the Kirby Auxiliary and is currently on the Board as newsletter chairperson and keeps track of the volunteer hours. Our Kirby Auxiliary has logged over 155,000 volunteer hours over the last 50 years!

Veronica is a foodie and enjoys traveling around the United States trying the local cuisine. She also enjoys cooking and baking in her spare time.

Seevers has been a Kirby Auxiliary member for approximately 23 years now! "As a mother of young children, I thought it was very important to have and keep a local hospital. I couldn't support Kirby financially at the time, but I could support them by volunteering my time."

Her favorite part about being a member of the Kirby Auxiliary is meeting and getting to know the other wonderful members. Her favorite Auxiliary event/activity so far is decorating the Christmas trees with Bill Haworth and his amazing crew for O'Night Divine. O'Night Divine is a a gala event hosted at Kirby Medical Center during the holiday season as a fund raiser for Kirby Auxiliary. It consists of a nice dinner, wine tasting, dessert bar and hot cider, a variety of musical entertainment, and a tour of 25 professionally decorated trees. This event is open to the public each year.

"When I first joined the Kirby Auxiliary, several elder stateswomen of the Auxiliary took me under their wing and helped me get acquainted with members and showed me how important our role was in supporting Kirby. They lead by example."

Kirby Medical Center is thankful for Veronica's dedication to our Auxiliary!