Thankful for Our Wonderful Staff

It’s the time of year when we pause to reflect on all the things that matter in life and give thanks for the health and happiness of our families and loved ones. At Kirby Medical Center, we’re especially thankful for our dedicated and caring staff who make such a difference in our patients’ lives and our community.

We recently received some wonderful feedback from a woman named Sandra, who contacted Kirby to tell us how much she appreciated the extra attention and service of several members of our Laboratory Team – Somer, Annie and Lisa.

Sandra is the exclusive caregiver for her mother, Barbara, who has numerous health challenges including dementia. Barbara lives at home and is bedridden, so when the need for lab work arose, it was a challenge for them both. Sandra looks after her mother without the assistance of home care or a private nurse, and she does not want Barbara to live in a nursing home. So Sandra called Kirby to see if she could arrange a special home visit to get the necessary lab work done.

When Sandra called Kirby, she spoke to Medical Technologist Somer Berkemann, who was kind and patient and took the time to listen to Sandra. Somer promised to speak with Lisa Castang, the laboratory director, and see if there was anything they could do to help. That same day, Sandra received a call back from Lisa, who was able to make arrangements for another lab technician, Annie Comerford, to make a special home visit to get Barbara’s lab work. After the home visit, the doctor reviewed the lab results, and a nurse was able to call Sandra with the results – all in the same day.

Sandra was “impressed with the teamwork, courteous staff, great interpersonal skills and team spirit and loved Kirby’s hometown feel.” She went on to say that “Somer and Lisa showcased Kirby’s spirit and was putting Kirby’s mission statement to action by going above and beyond to bridge a gap for a community member in need.”

Director of Laboratory Lisa Castang said, “We as Kirby employees are always conscientious of our patients’ best interests. So when Sandra called us concerned about how she could get her mother’s lab work taken care of, it was a no-brainer for us. We were happy to accommodate their needs. I am proud of the lab employees that were involved because they not only knew this was the right thing to do, but they were eager and happy to take action.”

Thank you, Somer, Annie and Lisa, for making a difference in our patients’ lives!

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