Patients & Visitors

Kirby Medical Center Guest Services

At Kirby Medical Center, we want every visit to be as convenient and comfortable as possible. All guests are greeted by a friendly staff ready to offer their assistance. Whether you are coming as a patient or a visitor, our team strives to meet your needs. We offer several services that should make your stay with us easier.

Services for patients and visitors:


We encourage friends and loved ones to visit patients whenever possible. Staying a hospital is tough, and though we do all in our power to make a patient’s stay as comfortable as possible, we can’t replace the comforting presence of a familiar face. A positive attitude goes a long way in helping patient’s recovering, and receiving a visit from a friend is an easy way to help them reduce stress and feel at ease. When you come to Kirby Medical Center, you are treated like family, and with our friendly staff, nutritional dining area, and numerous amenities, we hope to make visiting the hospital an easy experience rather than a chore.