Piatt County FAA Physicals

Kirby Medical Center Aviation Medicine

Kirby Medical Center’s Aviation Medicine offers comprehensive medical services to pilots, including medical certificate renewals and specialized treatment for illnesses that frequently affect aviators.

Services for pilots include:

  • Medical certificate authorization
  • FAA Medical Exams
  • Consultation on medical issues
  • Referral and access to aviation medicine specialists, such as otology, ophthalmology, cardiology and endocrinology
  • Counseling for issues like vertigo and aero otitis

James Manint, D.O., is a private pilot and an aviation medical examiner certified by the FAA. Dr. Manint has many years of experience working in aviation medicine and has established close working relationships in the aviation community.

Aviation Illnesses

Frequent exposure to high altitudes, cramped quarters, and foreign environments place pilots and increased risk of certain illnesses and mental conditions. Some of these conditions make it dangerous to operate an aircraft, meaning pilots must receive regular FAA physicals to renew their medical certificates to maintain a valid pilot’s license.

Conditions that frequently affect pilots and may disqualify them from flying include:

  • Aero otitis- This condition is caused by frequent changes in atmospheric pressure. Most cases are light and go away on their own, but severe cases can become chronic and result in extreme ear pain, dizziness, and bleeding from the ear.
  • Hypoxia – In this condition, body tissues do not receive adequate oxygen and impede the ability of cells to work properly. This can affect several parts of the body and may even result in mental abnormalities.
  • Vertigo – This condition describes a feeling of dizziness that makes it difficult to balance or operate a vehicle. It is caused by abnormalities in the inner ear, which pilots are susceptible to because of frequent changes in altitude pressure.
  • Mental disorders – The mental condition of pilots has garnered increased scrutiny in recent years. Some researchers have conducted preliminary studies that suggest pilots have a high rates of depression and suicidal tendencies. Definitive results are not yet available, but the FAA has already taken measures to more thoroughly screen pilots for mental disorders.

There are numerous conditions such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and epilepsy that may disqualify a pilot from a medical certificate. The good news is that many of these conditions are manageable, and the FAA can make exceptions pending periodic medical reports from the pilot and their physician.

To schedule your FAA flight physical, please call (217)762-6241. You can visit the FAA website to fill out your FAA medical application at https://medxpress.faa.gov/.