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Surgery in Monticello

Expert Surgeons for Complex Procedures

When you require surgery, it is important you find a facility that meets all your needs, including the best-individualized care, technology, and dedicated follow-up. Kirby Medical Center is committed to these ideals. General and specialty surgery at our facility are performed by only the best, highly-trained team members.

At Kirby Medical Center, we don’t believe Piatt County residents should have to travel long distances for complex surgical care. That’s why we’ve partnered with a wide variety of surgical specialists to offer the following surgeries you need, right here at home:

Outpatient Surgeries

Each surgery staging room is private and meets today's contemporary standards for uncompromising patient care and comfort. The majority of surgeries performed at Kirby Medical Center are same day surgery or limited stay procedures. Outpatients typically return home the same day they receive their procedure.

Our outpatient surgery program includes a private special procedures suite for a variety of common operations such as colonoscopies and endoscopies. Please contact your physician if you are interested in taking advantage of our safety program focused on patient comfort and convenience.

Preparing for an Operation

To ensure your operation goes smoothly and can be performed without delay, ask your doctor for a written list of instructions on what you can do to prepare. Most operations require a brief period of fasting. Generally, if you have an operation schedule you should stop eating and drinking by midnight the night before, but these times vary depending on the procedure.

Wear loose fitting clothes and do not bring any valuables with you. Bring your insurance card and a photo ID. Most importantly, ask your doctor any questions or concerns you have about the operation. It is normal to feel anxious before an operation, but you have a right to know about any details that can make you feel more confident.

To learn more about surgery at Kirby Medical Center, call (217) 762-1680.

For more information on surgery and visiting specialists, please see this brochure.