Wellness Services in Piatt County

Kirby Medical Center’s Preventative Healthcare Program

At Kirby, we’re dedicated to your whole health. That’s why we offer wellness programs and services to keep you feeling your best year-round. From weight loss support to exercise classes and more, we can help you live your healthiest life.

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We are excited to announce we will be expanding our exercise class offerings to community members in Piatt County and surrounding areas. Our new addition will be attached to our existing CrossFit KMC facility but will be a separate space dedicated to non-CrossFit programs. The new facility is called “KMC Active” and will feature 3 new class offerings; KMC 30, KMC Endurance, and KMC Yoga.

  • KMC 30: Make fitness and health fun again with our KMC 30 program. KMC 30 is a short 30 minute, bodyweight workout designed for someone who wants to workout in a supportive environment with low impact exercises, diverse activities focused on improving core strength, and bringing your heart rate to a healthy range. Each workout will have a warm-up, a workout, and a cool down. We will also measure your resting heart rate and active heart rate to establish a baseline and periodically check in to make sure you are in a healthy range for your specific gender & age. Workouts can be personalized in class to meet you where you are and help you progress and meet your fitness goals.

  • KMC Endurance: This class is designed to develop general endurance, cardiorespiratory efficiency, and stamina, bring your heart rate into a healthy range, and helping you get in better shape. Doing a race? Get race ready for whatever challenges lie ahead and let us help you reach your goal! Run, walk, row, bike, repeat! Classes will be 45 minutes and will include a specific warm-up for that day, as well as a cool down stretch to improve flexibility. We will also work with you to improve general body-weight strength by incorporating core and stability exercises. Join us in this fun and upbeat training environment.

  • KMC Yoga: The class uses breathing techniques, exercise and meditation to help improve health and happiness.

If you are interested in trying one of these classes before joining or would like to put your name on the pre-registration list, please call 217-762-1520 or email healthandwellness@kirbyhealth.org to have your name placed.

For information about living a healthier lifestyle including tips and articles, visit our wellness blog:

CrossFit KMC

Our new 3,200-square-foot, state-of-the-art gym, located on our Kirby Medical Center campus, is dedicated to CrossFit® training and is equipped with rowers, Airdyne® bikes, kettlebells, medicine balls, barbells and more. CrossFit workouts incorporate elements from weightlifting, gymnastics and metabolic conditioning (cardio). Classes are designed to motivate and encourage you to reach your fitness goals through constantly varied, functional movements like squatting, pushing and pulling, and they are performed at an intensity level that suit you best.

Our CrossFit classes accommodate athletes of all levels and experience. These workouts are designed so that anyone can step into one of our classes and be successful. Each class will consist of a general and specific warm-up, specific instruction on technique for that day, practice time, workout and cool down post-workout. Visit CrossFitKMC.org for more information and class schedules.

Kirby Wellness Trail

The Wellness Trail is a one-mile-long path open to everyone in the community. The trail expands on Kirby’s Wellness Program and encourages healthy lifestyles by offering opportunities to walk, run or bike. Four “Reflection Points” are located along the trail with benches for resting or relaxing. A bridge connects the trail to the Healing Garden and Apple a Day Café.

Apple a Day Café

Our onsite café offers made-to-order selections from the grill as well as delicious and nutritious meals for staff and visitors. Daily meal specials offer meat, vegetable and starch options using the plate method to support healthy lifestyle choices. Apple a Day Café has indoor and outdoor seating and is open Monday through Friday, 6:30am-3pm.

For more information on our wellness services, please see this brochure.

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