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Getting to Know Anna Crawford, Wellness Coordinator

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Anna Crawford

Q: Why Did You Choose to Work in Healthcare?

A: I chose to be a registered dietitian and personal trainer because of my own struggles. I wanted to find a way to have a peaceful relationship with food and eating, and the scale was worrying about what to eat didn’t consume every minute of my day. Part of this process of letting go of food, eating, and weight worries was to increase self-care and learn to trust myself. Now as a wellness professional I get to help patients in a more holistic way that includes nutrition, physical activity, and self-care lifestyle choices.

Q: Describe Your Typical Workday.

A: A typical day for me could include meeting with a patient on the Kirby Wellness Walking Trail to discuss lifestyle changes, teaching a group class about nutrition or physical activity, or helping create wellness resources for Piatt county.

Q: What Do You Enjoy Most About Your Job?

A: I love listening to people talk about their lives and seeing light bulbs go off when they learn something new about themselves or start to see themselves in a new way. I love it when people say “I never thought of that before!” or “I have an idea what would work really well for me!”

Q: What Have You Gained From Being a Part of Our Kirby Family?

A: “Family” has not always been a positive word in my life but I’m learning to be more open to the idea of a work “family”. (I’m like our shy cat that runs and hides every time we love him too much, but he’s slowly starting to tolerate it and even like it.) Whether you are a patient or an employee, you will receive love and compassion from Kirby Medical Center.

Q: What Are Your Wellness Habits?


  1. Sleep! This is my number one wellness habit and I don’t function well on less than 7 hours of sleep.
  2. One hot meal a day (and other snacks or cold meals too). Taking time to eat a hot meal even if it’s soup in a thermos is a priority even on busy days.
  3. Time walking in nature. I have a lot of traits of HSP introverts (HSPerson, Introvertdear ). Being around a lot of people can be a little draining (even though I like people) and one of the best ways for me to reset is walking outside.
  4. Doing nothing! Taking time to purposely do nothing is an important piece of self-care for me and might include zoning out by watching a movie or reading a fiction novel.

Q: Tell Us About Your Family/Life Outside of Kirby.

A: My husband and two cats. The cats are a little spoiled and pictured here enjoying a heated blanket.

Q: What Are Your Hobbies Outside of Work?

A: Anything creative including art projects or remodeling our home, anything in nature, and I love learning new information.

Q: If You Had an Extra Hour Every Day, What Would You Spend It Doing?

A: Mornings at my house with a cup of coffee are the best. If I wasn’t at home, I would be at a thrift store, flea market, or antique mall searching for treasures.

Q: Four Words to Describe You.

A: Quiet, creative, empathetic, my husband says I’m funny (both when I try to be and … also when I’m not trying)

Q: What Are You Excited About in 2021?

A: In 2021, I’m looking forward to finishing a wellness coaching certification through Wellcoaches and hopefully passing the National Board Certification in Health and Wellness Coaching (NBHWC) Exam.

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