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Milk Donors Saving Lives

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Mothers' Milk Bank of the Western Great Lakes is an amazing organization that just recently donated to Kirby Medical Center. The Mothers' Milk Bank saves tiny lives by collecting, pasteurizing, and dispensing donor human milk to premature babies and pediatric patients. 

In order for hospitals to get donations, they need donors! Donations come from healthy mothers with extra milk to give. 

To become a milk donor there are a few simple steps you first have to follow: 

  1. Interest Form 
  1. Phone Interview 
  1. Application 
  1. Blood Draw
  1. Approval 
  1. Donate 

When applying you are required to have 100 ounces of milk to donate and take a free blood test. This process takes about two weeks! 

After milk is donated, it is either given to hospitals or directly to mothers for at home use. To receive milk, there is a simple form to fill out on to find a good milk match.

From here there are many happy and grateful families that receive milk. 

Mothers' Milk Bank of the Western Great Lakes has helped KMC babies and can help yours too!