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The Power Of Words And Your Health

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  • Written By: Kirby Medical Center

positive thinkingToday’s focus is on one issue of mental health that everyone, including myself is guilty of sometimes. Today, we are going to discuss words and the tremendous impact words have on your health. Every positive word we read, write or speak could have a very direct influence on our physical body.

Japanese scientist, Masaru Emoto performed experiments on frozen water in the late 1990’s and tested the crystallization of the frozen water through the use of positive and negative verbiage. To one group of water, he spoke negative words and phrases, and to the other he spoke positive words and phrases. After a period of time, the negative group produced ugly, cloudy crystal formations, while the positive group produced clear, beautiful crystals. The point of the study was to demonstrate the power of words and their impact on how living things are transformed.

The words that we use in our daily life are a habit – a settled or regular tendency or practice. Any statement we read, see, or speak regularly is seen as more valid than one we’re exposed to only occasionally. Some of us are in the habit of using negative words or phrases over and over again. The more we use and hear words or phrases, the more it becomes normal and the more power it has over us, thus the more it shapes us. Have you ever been around a person that is always negative in their speech? Does your body feel energized from those interactions or drained and exhausted? Exactly! Words have power over your physical body.

Henry Ford once said, “Whether you think you can or you can’t – you’re right.” This simple statement simply calls to action the thought process of an individual. If you are consistently using phrases that involve “I can’t” or “I won’t” then you’ve already sealed your fate. “I can”, “I will”, and “I’m able” are phrases that empower the mind and the body, mentally and physically. The key is to make the words you speak work for you. Change your language and you’ll change your life. Instead of saying “I have to” say “I get to”. View each situation as an opportunity. Stay away from criticizing yourself and “throwing words away”. How many times a day do we throw our words away? We say things like, “I hate ,” “I’m so ,” “I’m such a .” It’s doing more harm to your physical body than good. Surround yourself with positive, uplifting words. Remember, your health and well being depend on it.