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Our gym, located on our Kirby Medical Center campus, accommodates people of all levels and experience in any of our programs. Our programs and workouts are designed so that anyone can step into one of our classes and be successful. Each class will consist of a general and specific warm-up, specific instruction on technique for that day, practice time, workout and cool down post-workout. Visit for more information and class schedules.

  • CrossFit KMC: Crossfit KMC is dedicated to fitness training and uses rowers, stationary bikes, kettlebells, medicine balls, barbells and more. Workouts incorporate elements from weightlifting, gymnastics and metabolic conditioning (cardio). Classes are designed to motivate and encourage you to reach your fitness goals through constantly varied, functional movements like squatting, pushing and pulling, and performed at an intensity level that suit you best.
  • KMC 30: Make fitness and health fun again with our KMC 30 program. KMC 30 is a short 30 minute, bodyweight workout designed for someone who wants to workout in a supportive environment with low impact exercises, diverse activities focused on improving core strength, and bringing your heart rate to a healthy range. Each workout will have a warm-up, a workout, and a cool down. We will also measure your resting heart rate and active heart rate to establish a baseline and periodically check in to make sure you are in a healthy range for your specific gender & age. Workouts can be personalized in class to meet you where you are and help you progress and meet your fitness goals.

Jordan Barney, KMC Active
1000 Medical Center Drive
Monticello, IL 68156
Call: 217-762-1520

Athletic Training Services are provided by KMC Active. To learn more, email

If you are interested in trying one of these classes before joining, or would like to join, please call 217-762-1520 or email

Visit for more information and class schedules.