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Your Joint Replacement Questions Answered

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What to Know if Considering Joint Replacement Surgery

For many, joint replacement surgery can be the next step in gaining back quality of life and independence. However, like any surgery, it may come with a lot of questions and concerns. If you’re considering going in for a joint replacement, we have the answers to some of the most common questions below.

When will I know if surgery is needed?

Joint replacement surgery isn’t often the first response to pain; it’s often suggested after many other forms of therapy are exhausted, or when arthritis or other knee damage severely alter your quality of life. If everyday activity is limited due to severe arthritis pain and walking, taking stairs, or getting in and out of chairs is a struggle, your doctor may suggest a replacement.

Is surgery a must?

Though surgery is not exactly a calming word, today’s joint replacement surgeries are relatively common. If you are unsure about going for a full replacement, create a list of questions to ask your doctor beforehand. They will be prepared to answer any concerns you have when they discuss the whole procedure, so you go in fully aware of the entire process and the recovery time.

What is the recovery process like?

Everyone heals differently, and your recovery plan will all be evaluated by your doctor, post-surgery. For many, you’ll go home after one or two nights in the hospital. Often, physical therapy will start the same day after surgery and continue for the next few weeks or months. For some, a rehab center might be your next stop before heading home. Your doctor will discuss all the options with you before discharge.

Will I be able to get back to an active lifestyle?

By following your orthopedic and physical therapists' orders, many find that mobility and strength will dramatically improve within the first month. Each day, the pain will decrease and you’ll see more independence and vitality. During this time, be sure to stick to your follow-up appointments and discuss any concerns or pain you may have with your doctors.

Orthopedic Service in Monticello

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