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LSVT Patient Testimony

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I am a 90 year old male that was diagnosed with a mild case of Parkinson's disease, approximately 3 years ago. My primary doctor, Dr. Lauren Fore, Kirby Hospital, suggested that I participate in the LSVT Big and Loud program. The program consists of 16 sessions, 4 consecutive days a week for 4 weeks. The two 60 minute, one-on-one daily therapy intense sessions were conducted by Jennifer Gibson Smith, SLP, Kelly Donnelly, PT, DPT and Tonya Bowrey, OTR/L.

During the sessions, we worked on speech therapy, that improves communication, that is sometimes a problem for those of us who have Parkinson's. Since I am a runner, the therapist and I would run a couple of miles on the Kirby Trail and practice voice projections. We also did readings and other voice projections in her office during the training periods. Other exercises that emphasized posture, arm movements and balance that would reduce the risk of falling. These were exercises that you have to concentrate on and repeat the same movements. We also practiced stepping over small hurdles, walking up and down steps and working on the balance pads. Hand movements and exercises that helps flexibility in doing small tasks such as buttoning a shirt, tying the laces on your shoes and getting up from a chair. We even practiced kneeling on the floor and getting up without help. lt was very clear to me that these exercises, to your benefit, should be practiced time and time again. I was very impressed by the knowledge and professionalism of the three therapist that had work with me. ln my opinion, the program would be beneficial to those who have Parkinson's.

Donald P.