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Improving Heart Health with Cardiac Rehabilitation

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Improving Heart Health with Cardiac Rehabilitation

Before Bob McNabb retired, his daily routine made it easier to stay active. The longtime Monticello resident and Navy veteran spent 47 years working for Caterpillar, and most days, he’d get up early for a 30-minute walk before work.

“After retirement, well…you know how it is,” he said. Years can go by quickly, and soon it had been decades since McNabb was exercising regularly.

After talking with his doctor at Kirby Medical Center, McNabb enrolled in a Kirby’s Cardiac Rehabilitation program to improve his heart health.

Cardiac rehabilitation helps those with heart conditions regain their physical and mental strength. Through a tailored program of exercise, lifestyle changes and emotional support, cardiac rehab can help people cope with the physical limitations brought on by their heart condition and move forward in their journey to recovery. Staff guidance and support can make a real difference in the lives of those living with a heart condition.

McNabb said his medical team noticed an improvement in not only his heart health but his overall health after a few sessions. By the end of the program, he was able to walk for 60 minutes on the treadmill.

Asked to sum up his experience, McNabb said, “I can’t find enough complimentary things to say. They’re just absolutely wonderful. They treat you like family and take care of you. I’m back to where I need to be.”

Kirby Medical Center offers both Phase II and Phase III Cardiac Rehab. Our team creates a plan designed specifically for each patient’s needs that includes:

  • Physical exercise
  • Education
  • Counseling

To learn more about Kirby’s Cardiac Rehabilitation program, call us at 217-762-1830 or visit