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Brent's Story

  • Author: Brent Rooney
  • Date Submitted: Apr 24, 2019

It all started with a tooth: “I was having a tooth pulled when chest pain I’d been having come back,” says Brent Rooney. Brent checked himself into Kirby Medical Center where his health suspicions were confirmed. He had dangerously high blood pressure and blood sugar levels that immediately called for diabetes medication. “I had some issues going on,” says Brent. Brent met with Dr. Evelyn Huang who swiftly helped Brent develop a plan for his health.

In just 90 days, Brent’s health is looking much better. He eats healthy foods and gets regular exercise. “Dr. Huang and I connected,” says Brent. “I listened to her, and she helped me be in control of my own life. We know so many people who work at Kirby. We trust the care there and use it whenever we can.”