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Wellness Services

Kirby Medical Center’s Preventative Healthcare Program

Book a 15 minute Information Session to learn if Health and Wellbeing Coaching is a good fit for you

Health & Wellbeing Coaching (HWC)

Health and wellbeing coaching is a well-rounded, personal look at your physical, emotional, and mental health.

Topics discussed in a HWC session may include being a caregiver, work/life balance, quitting smoking, starting a physical activity routine, cooking healthier meals, organizing your home, managing stress, financial wellness, healthy relationships, healthy sleep habits or more!

What to expect when starting HWC at Kirby Medical Center?

  • Before your first HWC session you share background health information through a health and wellbeing assessment.
  • The first HWC session is 60-90 minutes. You will identify your health priorities and create an individual health and wellbeing plan.
  • Follow Up HWC sessions are 30-45 minutes. You will begin to make health changes, find solutions to challenges, and gain new insights.
  • HWC is free of cost for communities served.
  • Call 217-762-1570 to schedule.
  • To schedule a free online course, click here

Certified Wellcoach

Group Wellness Programming

Kirby Wellness Trail

The Wellness Trail is a one-mile-long path open to everyone in the community. The trail expands on Kirby’s Wellness Program and encourages healthy lifestyles by offering opportunities to walk, run or bike. Four “Reflection Points” are located along the trail with benches for resting or relaxing. A bridge connects the trail to the Healing Garden and Apple a Day Café.

Apple a Day Café

Our onsite café offers made-to-order selections from the grill as well as delicious and nutritious meals for staff and visitors. Daily meal specials offer meat, vegetable and starch options using the plate method to support healthy lifestyle choices. Apple a Day Café has indoor and outdoor seating and is open Monday through Friday, 6:30am-3pm.