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How can you make health changes more fun?

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  • Written By: Anna Crawford, MS, RDN, LDN, NSCA-CPT

How can you make health changes more fun?

Health changes might include changes you would like to make in nutrition, physical activity, sleep, stress, smoking or alcohol use, social connection and more.

Health changes can feel like something we “should” do and can be just one more thing on our daily “to do” list of responsibilities.

During Health & Wellbeing Coaching sessions one of the challenges you will be given is how to make health changes more fun. A health and wellbeing coach can help support you to approach health changes with humor and a sense of fun finding ways to enjoy making changes.

There is no rule that making health changes has to be drudgery!

Finding ways unique to you and your life to increase the joy you feel making health changes will increase your long-term success. Sometimes something simple can make a big different in making a change more fun.

Here are just a few ideas!

  • Drink you water from a fancy water bottle, fancy crystal goblet, or through a fun straw. Add cucumber or mint to your water.
  • Find a friend or group to exercise with. Talking to someone can be a great way to make the exercise time go by quickly and help hold you accountable. A furry friend such as a dog can be a great workout partner too!
  • Help someone else or share the responsibility for cooking healthy meals. Try doubling your meals and share with someone who needs food. Or split the food prep with a neighbor or friend sharing a healthy meal together!

What are your favorite ways to make health changes more fun?

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