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Tough Topics That Come Up When Making Health Changes

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  • Written By: Anna Crawford, MS, RDN, LDN, NSCA-CPT
Tough Topics That Come Up When Making Health Changes

Health and wellbeing coaching is not just setting nutrition and exercise goals. Sometimes tough topics also surface in a coaching session. Here are just a few tough conversations that can help you move forward making health changes. Coaching will look for the hidden lessons present in each. Your coach is also trained to help connect you with a mental health provider, so you have all the support you need to tackle tough things.

Grief – As we talk about what you dream of for your health and best self, sometimes grief will be present too. It might be grief for missed opportunities to take care of your health sooner. It might be grief for a change in your body due to aging, weight changes, a health concern, injury or more. It might be grief for what you will need to change or lose in your current life to prioritize your health. It is normal to feel some grief when you make changes in your life even if you are also excited about the new healthy choices you are making!

Humility – Humility is another tough topic that may surface in coaching sessions. Especially at the beginning of coaching it can feel humbling to talk about the parts of your health that you are not feeling good about. If you are a strong and independent person, it can feel humbling to seek support. This is normal to feel some humility when you begin to look closely at the current health choices you are making and health changes you would like to make.

Mortality – This is a tough topic too but again not uncommon in a health or wellbeing conversation. If we are lucky enough to live to old age our body will change as we get older. This can bring increased awareness of our age and how we most want to spend the years we have. Maintaining health and independence into older age is often a motivating factor for making health changes.