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50 Years of Service for The Kirby Auxiliary

Tribute to The Kirby Auxiliary- 50 Years of Service

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We are proud to honor the members of this organization for their many years of service to Kirby Medical Center and our community. The organization exists today because of the vision and dedication of its members. We express our admiration and gratitude to these outstanding Auxilians. The current Auxiliary members participate in a variety of service and fundraising activities similar to the early years of the organization.

The Auxiliary hopes to continue to engage its members in meaningful projects that support our health community and invites new prospective members to join in our mission. Become a Member

Kirby Auxiliary Presidents 1970-2020

Kirby Auxilians of the Year 1988-2020

Take a Look Back at Kirby Auxiliary’s History Timeline

May 12, 1970


Thomas Dixon, Administrator of Kirby Hospital and the Annex (Piatt County Nursing Home), asked the Monticello Woman's Club to help reorganize the Kirby Auxiliary which had become disorganized during the war years. A membership coffee was held in the Garden Room of the Community Building. Forty-seven ladies joined at this meeting with 117 becoming members in the year of 1970. Officers elected were Martha Sievers - President; Sandi Roberts - Vice President; Aileen Wilkin - Secretary; Marybelle Zindars - Treasurer; Directors - Bernice Gucker and Genevieve Dancy; Director of Volunteers - Lois Crouse. Dues were set at $2.00 for active members, $5.00 for inactive.


Mrs. H. Lee Crouse, center, president of Monticello Woman’s Club, subscribed to a Life Membership in the newly organized Hospital Auxiliary on Tuesday morning. Mrs. Thomas James, left, and Mrs. Linden Piatt, right, the co-chairman and chairman of the membership committee presented cards to persons joining the organization after the coffee held in the Garden Room of the Community Building.


The new nursing home opened. Auxiliary members were trained to assist with bed making, feeding of patients, escort services, mending and other bedside duties. Members were assigned to the nursing home which consisted of 63 beds. Volunteers assisted with arts and crafts classes and with religious programs presented by area churches on Thursday afternoons. They would also make tray favors, host monthly birthday parties, and fold newsletters from the Mental Health Office and Home Extension office.

The Kirby Auxiliary spring meeting

The Kirby Auxiliary held its spring meeting Monday, May 10th at 2 p.m. in the Community Bldg. Mrs. Arnold Sievers, Pres. conducted the meeting. Bonnie Forth, installation officer, conducted the service for the incoming officers. Taking office July 1st are President, Mrs. H. Lee Crouse; Pres.-Elect, Mrs. Richard Dancey; 1st Vice pres., Mrs. Charles Kelley; Secretary, Mrs. Roy Aydelott; Treasurer, Mrs. Paul Gucker; Mrs. Burl Edie, Director. Absent was Mrs. J.B. Byerline, Director.

1971-1974 Volunteer Program

Volunteer Program1970 newspaperVolunteer-program

A volunteer program for teenage students started. Nurses provided their training. Assignments included making beds, delivery cart service, and ambulatory and wheelchair assistance in the annex. In the afternoons, they would assist with activities. This program lasted 3 summers.


The first donation was given to the hospital, $203.00, for patio furniture and nursing home water and library carts.


Kirby Auxiliary purchased a Hospital OB/GYN Cart and Surgical Monitor for $7,500.00.



The Scholarship program began with memorial funds and the interest from a trust fund. Teresa Koss was the first scholarship recipient. She is pictured above receiving the first Piatt County Memorial Scholarship for Medical and Allied Fields from Mrs. Arnold Sievers, Scholarship Chairman. She graduated from the Mennonite Hospital School of Nursing in Bloomington, IL. During 1974-1995, 83 students received scholarships. A sum of $231,200 was made available to these students.

July, 1975

Kirby Gift Shop

The new Kirby Hospital opened on State Street and the hospital Gift Shop opened. This has turned out to be a successful, profitable source of income for the auxiliary.


Kirby Hospital

The first fundraising from a White Elephant Sale, demolition sale from old hospital (bricks), etchings of the old hospital, a Bridge Marathon, thrift shop sales and Country Pantry was reported.


The Auxiliary helped purchase a Surgical Monitor for $5,325.00.


Kirby Auxiliary purchased an Emergency Room Table for $4,400.00.


The Auxiliary donated a $7,000 Processor for X-Ray.


Kirby Auxiliary helped purchase a Blood Gas Machine for $13,370.00.


The officers for 1985 include Barbara Holbrook, president; Charlene Walsh, vice-president; Susan Timmons, secretary; and Bob Clapper, treasurer.


The first “Auxilian of the Year” award was given. Dorothy Storm was the first recipient in 1988. There have been 45 total recipients.

Kirby Auxilians of the Year 1988-2020

Ayers & Gulley

Carol Gulley, treasurer of the Kirby Auxiliary, presents a check to Steve Ayers, member of the Kirby Hospital board of directors, to be used for a blood gas analyzer at the hospital. The Auxiliary pledged $15,000 over 3 years for a Life Pak 10 Defibrillator.


The Outstanding Citizens Award was presented to our organization.


The 1991 Scholarship recipients were Jamie Puckett, Jennifer Wilson, Don Hastings, Joan Hodson, Tara Lofrano, Jennifer Merry, Eric Redman, JoEllen Gentry, Val Mitchell, Tori Simpson, Kelly Mitchell and Kristen Beetz.


Kirby Auxiliary Officers in 1991 were Rosemary Hardy, treasurer; Hester Beeler, secretary; and Edy Ewald, president.


A Mammography Machine was purchased for $42,000.00.


The Kirby Auxilary Officers for 1992 were Paula Heath, secretary; Rosemary Hardy, treasurer; Tamara Abott, vice president; Edy Ewald, president; and Lois Crouse, Director of Volunteers.



The 1994 scholarship recipients included Marc Pickard, Debbie Thompson, Carol High, Jeannine Weishaar, Amie Childress, Susie Ewers, Roxanne Walker and Eric Redman.


Officers for the Kirby Auxiliary in 1994 were Lois Crouse, Director of Volunteers; Rosemary Hardy, outgoing treasurer; Mary Ellen Dean, incoming treasurer; Paula Heath, secretary; and Tamara Abbott, president.



Kirby Auxiliary Officers in 1995 were Carol Gulley, incoming state president; Paula Heath, incoming president of Kirby's Auxiliary; Tamara Abbott, outgoing president; Dorcas Herren, incoming vice president; Peg Kerr, incoming secretary; Mary Ellen Dean, treasurer; and Lois Crouse, director of volunteers.

Kirby Auxiliary celebrated their Twenty - Fifth Year Anniversary. Fundraising involved Soup and Sandwich Luncheon, Two Yearly Thrift Sales, Annual Bake Sale, Annual Bridge and Card Party, and the Gift Shop. The Kirby Auxilians of the Year were Margaret Dillavou and Dorcas Herren.


Two new ER gurneys were purchased for $6,889.15.


Thomas Dixon

As a tribute to Thomas D. Dixon, long-time Kirby Hospital Administrator, the members of the Auxiliary renamed the education scholarship in his honor. This program awards scholarships to Piatt County Students pursuing a higher education in the field of medicine, a tradition that continues today. From 1974 to 2020, 321 students have benefited from these scholarships.


Kay Drew

In 2006, Kay Drew was named Auxilian of the year. She served as membership chairperson for many years and as president of the auxiliary 2007-2009.


Kirby Hospital Gift ShopGift Shop

Kirby Gift Shop celebrated their 35th Anniversary.


40th Anniversary of the Auxiliary. This year’s president was Betsy Mills. There were 217 members. The Auxilians of the Year were Pat Maxwell and Shirley Turner.


2011 Gift Shop

Gift Shop

2020 Gift Shop

Gift Shop

In 2011, the Gift Shop moved to the new hospital location and then moved in 2020 to a remodeled location within the hospital. Volunteers continue to staff the gift shop. Shoppers can find seasonal gifts, jewelry, home décor and baby gifts..


bill and betsy

Betsy Mills and Bill Haworth were honored as "Auxilians of the Year." Betsy was recognized for her contributions to the auxiliary serving actively on committees and then as president from 2009-2011. She also chaired the scholarship committee from 2016-2019 and was instrumental in its restructuring. Bill was recognized for his generous support of the hospital through the Pearls & More cancer awareness bracelet program. He also continues to volunteer his time assisting in the operation of the Gift Shop.

Kay Drew

Kay Drew installing officers for 2012-2013. President - Bonnie Hansen; Vice President - Veronica Seevers; Bev Erickson - Treasurer; Carol Harris & Mary Herbold - Directors.


Members of the Auxiliary

Members of the Auxiliary, Peg Kerr and Madolyn Walden, volunteered their time working the registration table for the blood drive. The Kirby Auxiliary has hosted American Red Cross blood drives every eight weeks since 1981.


Bill Haworthsmiling people

Bill Haworth was recognized as Citizen of the Year at the Chamber Dinner.


Kirby Ambulance

Auxiliary treasurer, Bev Erickson, presented a $16,000 check to Kirby CEO Steve Tenhouse to support the purchase of the new ambulance.“These units allow us to continue to meet critical needs within our community. The Auxiliary’s financial support not only helps us make this important purchase, but also strengthens the opportunity for future growth of educational and medical services that our ambulance staff can provide to Piatt County.”, said Tenhouse. Pictured is Jennifer Moss, Chief Clinical Officer; Cyrstal Alexander, Director of Ambulance Services; Bev Erickson, Treasurer; and Steve Tenhouse, CEO.


3D Mammography Machine

A 3D Mammography Machine was purchased for the Imaging Department by Kirby Auxiliary.


Scholarship winners

The Auxiliary was able to provide a record 18 scholarships amounting to $52,000.

Thomas Dixon Scholarship Recipients for 2017-2018: Katharine Amelia Alexander, Saylor Bower, Bethany Burger, Katherine Douglas, Molly Lawler, Jacqueline Matsela, Jenna Prather, Carolyn Rigsby, Emily Smith, Hannah Smith, Madison Blackburn, Trisha Carr, Sarah Gehres, Anna Haugen, Taylor Helenthal, Camryn Menacher, Olivia Ness, Haley Puszkiewicz.


The Auxiliary was proud to donate $21,000 to Kirby Medical Center. Here treasurer Bev Erickson presents the check to Steve Tenhouse, CEO of Kirby Medical Center.

Pat Rhoades

Kirby Auxilian of the year for 2017 was Pat Rhoades.


The Auxiliary donated funds toward the purchase of a new power cot for the Kirby Ambulance Service.


people smiling

The Auxiliary assisted Kirby Medical Center with “O Night Divine” - a festive evening offering the viewing of beautifully decorated Christmas Trees for the community to enjoy.

Therapy Garden Pergola

The Kirby Auxiliary donated funds to help purchase the Therapy Garden Pergola which benefits Kirby therapy patients.


Norma Wesley

In 2018, Norma Wesley was recognized as the Auxilian of the Year. As chairperson of the Ways and Means Committee, she has worked countless hours organizing fundraising activities. These have included seasonal Thrift Sales; Sales of Linen, Jewelry, Collectibles, Nuts, Shoes; and the Christmas Bazaar at Allerton. She has added Monicals Community Days, Pink Zebra Sale, and weekly Yoga sessions. Norma worked with Collette Travel to develop annual trip packages to offer to the membership, their families, and friends. These trips have contributed to the auxiliary’s fundraising campaign and offered enjoyable travel opportunities. She exemplifies a true Auxilian.

Pictured below are two recent excursions enjoyed by Auxiliary members.

Southern Charm Trip

Pictured above are members enjoying the Southern Charm Trip, Sep. 29th - Oct. 5th, 2018- Lorraine Watts, Norma Wesley, Nancy Huisinga, Annette Huisinga, Debby Huisinga, Kathy Calhoun,Cynthia Husinga, Claire Huisinga, Kelly Bennett, Amy Huisinga, Sonya Gans, and Paula Heath.

Traveling to the Islands of New England

Traveling to the Islands of New England, May 12th-19th, 2019 were Danee Asemgar, Lorraine Watts, Nancy Huisinga, Norma Wesley, Cynthia Huisinga, Jo Ann Wright, Amy Huisinga, Susan Lochbaum, Kathleen Calhoun, and Sonya Gans.


​​​​Mammography Department

The Auxiliary donated a Breast Curve Paddle System to the Mammography Department and a Vein Viewer.

​​​​​​Yvonne Howland

Yvonne Howland was named Auxilian of the Year for her hard work and dedication to managing the free blood pressure screenings.

Thomas Dixon Scholarship Recipients

Thomas Dixon Scholarship Recipients: Sophie Catlin, Sarah Gehres, Anna Haugen, Taylor Helenthal, Camryn Menacher, Hannah Oberheim, Kendal Pokorny, Kenneth David Alexander, Hannah Carter, Jill Clark, Abigail Elston, Tracy Pokorny, Josiah Ratts, Jarron Roy, Sydney Walker. The total amount of scholarship donations for the 2019-2020 school year was $49,700.


Although the COVID-19 Pandemic cancelled many of the yearly events and fundraising, the Auxiliary was able to continue Blood Drives, Carelink faithfully made their monthly calls, and the Gift Shop reopened July 1 with limited hours. Scholarships have been awarded to 16 recipients.

Debbie Baker

Debbie Baker is the 2020 Auxilian of the Year.

The Auxiliary’s officers

The Auxiliary’s officers are Michele Hillard, president; Susan Waibel, vice-president; Pat Rhoades, secretary; Lorraine Watts, director; and Irma Raycraft, treasurer. Not pictured- 2020 directors Joan Davis, Anita Fleming, and Judy Munson.

Sixteen students were awarded the Thomas Dixon Memorial Scholarship. The continuing recipients are Kenneth David Alexander, Hannah Carter, Abigail Elston, Anna Haugen, Tracy Pokorny, Josiah Ratts, Jarron Roy, Gabrielle Singleton, and Sydney Walker. First time recipients are Olivia Bales, Rowan Crozier, Claire Huisinga, Madelynn Kallembach, Megan Schumacher, Colleen Westburg, and Morgan Workman. The total amount awarded for the 2020-2021 school year was $37,500.