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Personalized Inpatient Care in Monticello

At Kirby Medical Center, treatment and care for inpatients is managed by a team of hospitalists. Hospitalists are specially trained physicians who focus on caring for patients in the hospital. They are trained in numerous diseases and injuries that frequently require patients to stay in the hospital. Most are board certified in internal medicine, or a similar field, and have dedicated their careers to managing patients who are admitted to the hospital.

Kirby’s hospitalists work closely with your physician to insure seamless transitions from outpatient care, to an inpatient stay, and until you are well enough to return home. The hospitalist serves as an important point of contact between patients and their numerous care providers. As you are transferred from department to department as your treatment progresses, your hospitalist is the one constant who knows everyone that has treated you during your stay in case they need to be consulted.

Benefits of Working With a Hospitalist

Hospitalists are on-site at Kirby for patient rounding each day. During their time at Kirby, they check on patients and assure your care is going according to plan. If you have any tests taken, a hospitalist can clearly explain why the test is necessary and review the results with you. They are also available to meet with your family in case they have any questions.

Kirby Medical Center hospitalists will:

  • Address Concerns – You and your family will likely have numerous questions during the course of your hospital stay. Hospitalists make frequent rounds in the hospital and are happy to answer your questions.
  • Monitor treatment – Hospitalists are able to order diagnostic and lab tests when necessary. Your hospitalist will consult with your regular physician and test facilitators to stay updated on how treatment is progressing, much like how a primary physician follows up on a patient’s care after referring them to a specialist.
  • Transition patients to appropriate departments - While hospitalists do not provide ongoing primary or specialty care, upon discharge, he/she will communicate all the information about your hospital stay and the treatment you received with your physicians. Your primary care physician will be notified of the plan of care and will coordinate and manage your follow-up and treatment plan.

Hospitalist FAQ

Q: Are Most Hospitals Using Hospitalists?

A: Hospitals across Illinois and throughout the U.S. have embraced a hospitalist model for inpatient care because it has proven to promote quality and effective care while insuring better patient outcomes. Also, the hospitalist is more available for communication with families.

Q: Won’t I Get Better Care From My Own Doctor, Who Knows Me?

A: Your personal physician partners with Kirby’s hospitalists and will be an integral part of your recovery from an inpatient stay. Hospitalists work with our nursing staff to direct your care, adjust medications or interpret test results as needed. They report your condition and their treatment plan to your primary care provider and other physicians on your team. Hospitalists are also specially-trained in inpatient medicine. Just as outpatient medicine has changed over time to using specialists, inpatient medicine has done the same with hospitalists.

Q: Will I Receive a Bill From the Hospitalist?

A: You will not receive a bill directly from the physician. You will receive a bill from Kirby Medical Center for the care the hospitalist provides to you, along with the other services you received while at Kirby.

Q: Does Insurance Cover the Cost of Hospitalist?

A: Insurance policies that have hospital-stay coverage typically cover the physician care during that stay and this would include the services provided by a hospitalist. Kirby Medical Center accepts all major insurance plans as payment. If you have any questions about your bill please don’t hesitate to contact our billing department. We believe in providing the highest quality care possible for everyone, regardless of their ability to pay which is why we encourage you to learn more about the Kirby Financial Assistance Program Information.

Q: How Can I Prepare for Hospitalization?

A: You can prepare for your hospital stay by writing down a list of your current medications, allergies, medical conditions, and ongoing treatments. It is also in your best interest to write down the names and contact information of physicians you visit on a regular basis. In case of emergencies, discuss Advance Directives with your family members. Additionally, we advise you not to bring any valuables with you such as jewelry or cash. Your safety and security are our number one priority.