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DOT Certification

Monticello DOT Physicals

On May 12, 2014 a new mandate went into effect stipulating that DOT physicals can only be performed by Certified Medical Examiners. A DOT physical is a Department of Transportation physical often required for commercial drivers. Bus and truck drivers almost always need regular DOT physicals in order to continue their employment.

Certified Medical Examiners (CME) do not perform treatments. Their role during these physicals is only to evaluate your physical fitness and ability to do your job. DOT physicals are stricter than they were in the past. Be prepared to undress and answer a series of questions relevant to your position.

Why do I Need a DOT Physical?

You cannot obtain a CDL certificate (commercial driver’s license) without first passing a DOT physical. Given the risk you take when transporting people or hazardous materials over long distances, employers cannot afford to hire individuals who are not physically capable of handling the various challenges that come with long distance driving.

Preparing for the Physical

At Kirby Medical Center, we adhere to the Department of Transportation’s guidelines in the Medical Examiner’s handbook for passing DOT physicals. Before the test, you must disclose any history you have had with heart problems, cardiovascular disease, sleep apnea, diabetes, brain injuries, and ADD/ADHD.

The Pre-exam checklist:

  • Bring glasses to your exam if you have impaired vision, even if you usually wear contacts.
  • Bring hearing aids and backup batteries if you wear them.
  • If you have had a heart attack, stent implant, angioplasty, or angina operation you must have a cardiology consult before the CDL exam. Call our office for help with this consult.
  • If you have had a stroke, seizure, traumatic brain injury, or TIA you must have a neurology consult before the CDL exam. Contact us with help.
  • Diabetes patients must bring a letter from their regular doctor before the CDL exam. You must also bring all diabetes medications and a blood sugar log from the past month. Call us for assistance preparing your diabetes information.
  • If you have adult ADHD or ADD and receive treatment, we must have a consult from your treating PCP or mental health provider before the exam.
  • If you suffer from depression or mental illness, we must have a consult with your treating PCP or mental health provider before the exam.
  • If you have a sleep disorder, including sleep apnea, we must consult with your PCP or treating sleep specialist before the exam. If you have a CPAP machine, we need to see usage statistics over the last month
  • If you take medication, bring it with you. For medications that require level monitoring, such as Coumadin or warfarin, bring a copy of your most recent lab results.
  • If you have a pacemaker, you must bring documentation of your annual pacemaker check.

More information may be required depending on your current health condition. Call us at 217-762-2115 if you have any questions. Kirby Medical Center provides DOT physicals in Monticello and the surrounding areas.

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