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Digital Mammography

Monticello Breast Cancer Screening

Kirby Medical Center is committed to excellent patient care. Our Women’s Imaging Center is pleased to announce we now offer the newest innovation in screening mammography—Genius 3D Mammography, also known as breast tomosynthesis.

Introducing Hologic 3D Mammography

3D Mammography is an advanced screening and diagnostic tool that provides images of the breast in 1mm layers from many different angles, detecting abnormalities in greater detail and with more accuracy to improve chances of early detection.

Benefits of 3D Mammography:

  • More precise imaging for earlier detection
  • Detects 41% more invasive cancers
  • Fewer callbacks for additional imaging
  • Significant reduction in false-positive recall rates

Why choose 3D Mammography?

The breast is composed of numerous different structures. Digital mammography offers a terrific 2D view of the breast, but 3D imaging provides a much better look at the milk ducts, blood vessels, fat, and ligaments. In a 2D scan, these structures overlap and make it difficult to pick out abnormalities. Even skilled and experienced doctors can have a difficult time deciphering an overlap from an abnormality, often leading them to callback patients for another screening to confirm a diagnosis.

3D mammography has made it much easier to differentiate overlaps from abnormalities. With a more detailed picture, doctors can diagnose or clear a patient of breast cancer much faster.

What To Expect during a 3D Mammogram?

From the patient’s point of view, the 3D Mammogram procedure is the same as a traditional mammogram with no additional compression. Like a traditional mammogram, the technologist positions you and compresses your breast. The X-ray arm of the mammography machine moves in an arc over the breast, taking a series of images at several different angles. The whole procedure takes about the same amount of time as a traditional mammogram.

2d/3D-Which Option Is Best for You?

The exposure to radiation for a traditional mammogram and a 3D Mammogram is comparable. Kirby offers both 2D and 3D technologies. Talk to your doctor to decide which option is best for you.

Paint Piatt Pink

Paint Piatt Pink is an ongoing campaign designed to raise breast cancer awareness. Each year, our fundraisers provide financial support for breast cancer patients in Piatt County. We’re committed to supporting breast cancer patients as they experience this change in their life. The dollars raised by Paint Piatt Pink fundraising activities are used to fund Hope Totes. Hope Totes include items that provide comfort and support during their time of need.

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For more information on our 3D mammography services, please see this brochure.